Butt Bins

Cigarette Butt Recycling Program:

The City of Salem invites businesses, groups and individuals to adopt a Cigarette Butt Bin to be placed by the city at your selected location. Additional bins around the city will allow for the collection and recycling of more butts and keep our sidewalks, streets and harbor clean. The City will supply the bin, it’s installation, instructions and shipping labels to recycle the contents. The bin sponsor commits to emptying the bin and mailing the contents on a regular basis. 

There are currently 50 bins throughout the city and about 20 more are available for adoption.  If you are interested in adopting a butt bin, please contact Janelle  Rolke at Jrolke@salem.com or 978-619-5672.

Look for the Bins

Thank You to Our Current Butt Bin Sponsors:

  • Susan Yochelson has adopted the bin at Harbor and Lafayette Streets
  • Ned from Cigarettes in the Wild has adopted the bin at the main entrance of Salem Common, near Hawthorne Hotel
  • Louis Jeano Morin has adopted the bin at the “wall” at the end of Leach Street
  • Keith Patterson has adopted the bin at the corner of English St. and Allen St
  • Waylos Variety store has adopted the bin in front of their store
  • All Souls Lounge has adopted the bin in front of their restaurant 
  • Janelle Rolke has adopted the bin at 131 Essex St
Salem's Cigarette Butt Recycling Program began in December 2014 with fifty bins. “Cigarette waste is one of the most common forms of litter on our streets and sidewalks,” says Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll. “Having these receptacles available should provide us one more tool in our efforts to keep our city clean, while maintaining our commitment to being green and reducing litter.” When cigarette butts are left on the street, they could end up in storm drains which lead directly to the ocean where they cause serious harm to fish and other marine life.
Mayor Driscoll, along with Barbara Warren, Salem Sound Coastwatch Executive Director, SalemRecycles members, Salem Chamber, and Salem Main Streets, kick off the new Park Your Butts campaign! Please help keep Salem Clean, and get your BUTTS in there!