Trash Reduction

One of the ways the City of Salem enforces mandatory recycling and waste reduction is through the Waste Reduction Coordinator position.


Micaela Guglielmi

Waste Reduction Coordinator
City of Salem – Engineering Dept.
98 Washington Street – 2nd Floor. 01970-4023

Job Responsibilities:

Manages daily trash and recycling program through field work, customer service and analysis. Implements the City’s education and enforcement program to ensure businesses, residents and schools are correctly separating recyclables from trash to the fullest extend possible, and placing them curbside for collection. Carries out an outreach campaign in addition to enforcement to explain the benefits of recycling to the community and the environment. Helps manage the various diversion initiatives including 

  • Electronic Waste Days
  • Book Swaps
  • Textiles Drives
  • Repair Cafes
  • Swap N’ Drops