Textiles Recycling

Annual Textiles Recycling:

Saturday before Thanksgiving. SalemRecycles, City of Salem and Goodwill join forces to provide an easy way to recycle your used clothing and household textiles in one convenient location. Morgan Memorial Goodwill will have a manned truck onsite at Riley Plaza in downtown Salem on the Saturday before Thanksgiving from 8:00-3:00 to collect any and all textiles you would like to donate. Items are accepted in any condition (stained, ripped or missing buttons) but must be CLEAN and DRY.
Fibers have a longer shelf life than we might imagine. What may start as a T-shirt might later end up as a cloth we use to clean our car. The household drapes we replace to update our decor can help to make a new car mat. There are endless ways textiles can be given new life.
Recycling textiles rather than trashing them simply makes sense.